Tarleton celebrates Women’s History Month

By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

Tarleton State University and the Joe R. and Dr. Teresa Lozano Long Office of Diversity, Inclusion and International Programs (ODIIP) will celebrate Women’s History Month throughout the month of March. 

Women’s History Month in the United States celebrates the accomplishments and impact of women, who have suffered from centuries of discrimination and underrepresentation.

According to the National Women’s History Museum, beginning as Women’s History Week in 1980, the celebration was officially expanded to a month-long holiday by Congress in 1987.

“Women’s social, political and intellectual contributions have [gone] underrecognized historically, which led to the institution of Women’s History Month,” ODIIP Director Tiburcio Lince said. “ODIIP seeks to celebrate the impact women have had across history and uplift our Tarleton women during the month of March via educational, celebratory and other programming.”

Throughout history, women have continued to grow and achieve several empowering milestones.

According to the U.S Department of Labor, in 1950 women made up 29.6% of the labor force. However, as of 2020, that amount has increased to 47%.

Despite legal and social advancements of women’s rights over the years, according to Lince, sexism is still an ongoing issue in society and at Tarleton.

“I have witnessed many women endure misogyny and misogynoir through my years at Tarleton as a student and as a professional. These acts have ranged from blatantly explicit to inconspicuous, and they all carry a degree of harm to the women of our Texan community,” Lince said. “Not only do I think Tarleton can improve equality but it also has the moral responsibility in explaining and exemplifying the importance of dismantling oppressive behaviors that impact the advancement of women.”

In order to recognize the importance of gender equality, ODIIP has arranged several Women’s History Month activities for the Tarleton campus.

“True to the goal of our office, ODIIP has put together a series of events that celebrate the achievements of women, provide educational spaces to teach the campus about current topics and issues related to gender equality and equity,” Lince said.

Some ODIIP events include Donuts and Diversity on March 2, Women in Business on March 24, HerStory on March 29, Demand Equal Pay: Women’s Salary Negotiation Workshop on March 30 and the ODIIP Hangout: Gamer Girlz, Boyz, and Theyz on March 31.

“Every woman needs to be highlighted. Every story needs to be heard and uplifted. Our campus needs to advance and intersectional effort that showcases every story,” Lince said.

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