Tarleton construction projects update

By Deandre Hogg

Guest Writer

Tarleton students: get ready for more detours and closed roads around campus.

When Tarleton students came back to school after the holiday break and after spring break, they found more construction on campus. That likely won’t change for the next couple of years.

At the beginning of the 2016 fall semester, students confronted the delayed construction on North Traditions Hall; then, the main road in front of the dining hall and the Barry B. Thompson Student Center was under construction. There were then further delays because safety was compromised by not using trench boxes to protect the workers when installing piping. Click Here for More Info on trench boxes and how they help with construction. The delays meant that students had to put up with construction for even longer.

After spring break, students returned to find less parking as the new Engineering Building will be built at Lillian and Washington streets. Many pathways on campus are being closed off for construction and new walkways are being slowly built, using the best equipment and products they can get from companies like WR Meadows, to make sure they stand the test of time and don’t interfere with campus activities in the future.

Many Tarleton students are frustrated with all the new construction popping up and forced to find new ways to get to class and the Dining Hall.

So what’s next and what is the purpose is for all this construction going on?

Cecilia Jacobs, Tarleton public relations manager for marketing and communications, said that with all of these ongoing projects, Tarleton will be a “cutting-edge” academic institution.

“New and improved facilities, along with cutting-edge academic programs, will help Tarleton meet the state’s need for a professional workforce,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs provided an update of various construction projects around campus.

“Construction of the $54 million engineering building is slated for completion in late 2018, Memorial Stadium’s $24 million renovation should be finished in Fall 2018, and groundbreaking ceremonies for Tarleton-Fort Worth’s first building at its Chisholm Trail Parkway location is set for late this year, with completion set for 2019,” Jacobs said.

With many slated projects set to begin this year and completed by 2018 or 2019, many people may wonder how Tarleton will look in the future. The campus has put in all precautions for student safety and the construction company has ensured construction zone safety, meaning that the projects should be able to go forward without any issues to individual health and safety, during the renovations.

“The number of Tarleton engineering, engineering technology and computer science students has doubled since 2010, and continued enrollment growth is expected with new, state-of-the-art facilities,” Jacobs explained.

“As Tarleton’s engineering, engineering technology, computer science programs grow, there are plans to establish a School of Engineering and later a College of Engineering,” she continued. “Construction projects currently underway will enhance the quality of Tarleton’s academic programs and allow more students to enjoy a quality, affordable education.”

“Continued growth is expected, and we hope to see a lot more students wearing safety glasses in our construction and engineering departments in the near future!” Jacobs concluded.

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