Tarleton hosts Lincoln Reagan Dinner

Margaret McLain

Guest Writer

Gov. Greg Abbott will be a guest speaker at the upcoming Lincoln-Reagan Dinner on Feb. 25.

The dinner, which is a fundraiser for the Erath County Republican Party, will feature five other speakers, including County Judge Alfonso Campos, Stephenville Mayor Doug Svien, Greg Bruner from the Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Sandford from the Erath County Economic Development Council and Tarleton State University President James Hurley.

The dinner will raise funds for various upcoming elections and primaries on the local, state and national levels. This is not only a fundraiser, it is an opportunity for citizens to speak with their elected officials, a vital element to the success of those representatives.

Lincoln Reagan Dinner flyer courtesy of stephenvilletexas.org

“Our form of government was established on the premise that the people were the ultimate source of power,” said Dave Washam, vice chairman of the Erath County Republican Party, in an email exchange. “This presupposes an informed and involved electorate. Our elected officials need more involvement from the people they represent.”

Voters and others attending can expect to see local officials and candidates for this year’s elections, including sheriff candidates, state house seat candidates and representative candidates therefore creating an invaluable networking opportunity for students, staff and local citizens alike.

The Lincoln Reagan Dinner will take place in the Tarleton State Ballrooms located in the Barry B. Thompson Student Center on Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. Individual tickets are $100 and are available for purchase by contacting Kimberly Barrier at (254) 977-1174 or by emailing her at kimberbarrier@gmail.com. More information is available at stephenvilletexas.org.

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