Tarleton hosts second Drag Bingo

By Haley Ivey-

Guest Writer

Tarleton State University hosted their second Drag Bingo on Oct. 25. The event was hosted by two drag queens; Cassie Nova and Jenna Sky.

Tarleton State University hosted their second Drag Bingo on Oct. 25. The event was hosted by two drag queens; Cassie Nova and Jenna Sky.
Photo courtesy of Tarleton’s Diversity and Inclusion Twitter.

Eric Tedana was brought by a close friend to his first drag bingo. He normally prefers to use All New Bingo Sites online but felt this was going to be too good to miss.

“It’s great. It supports diversity and supports a better understanding of what drag is,” Tedana said.

Star Gillapsy, a freshman at Tarleton, said she has a friend who performs as a drag queen in New York. She said she expects “a lot of glam and sass for sure, I’m just really excited to see what they all are going to do and if they perform anything.”

Many of the students who attended also went to the one held last year in TSC room 27. It was moved to fit more people in the ballroom and even then the room was packed. One of the returning students, Chandler Collums, has known about drag for a long time. “I used to see them all over Instagram and I was always curious about them. And then one of them said they were participating on the show Rupaul (drag race) and that got me catapulted into it. Drag is very interesting, especially on the show.”

“I think it’s great. I think in such a country town like Stephenville where nothing’s really that inclusive and having this in such a big community, it’s great,” said Kaliee Watford. Bingo is just so fun too, I always play it on phone casinos in my spare time.

The drag queens called out numbers for winners and put on a little show. Each queen demonstrated one of their normal routines for the students of Tarleton. Cassie Nova performed a lip syncing routine. Nova’s partner, Jenna Sky was first introduced wearing a Harley Quinn outfit and then danced for six minutes.

A few of the students commented that they need more Texan bingo cards for next year. Others said that they had been practising beforehand on the Top 50 Bingo sites, while some had some other concerns. One anonymous student said, “The only thing I had an issue with was the transphobic comments.” They added that they still like the show with how funny it is, however those comments did not sit well with them.

Aviance Hunter stated that, “I had a blast and since I’m gay, I really love how there was no hate, everyone was just laughing and having fun.” He also stated that he suggested that his friends start a bingo group online to get ready for the next Drag Bingo show. They decided to go to SwankyBingo.com or a similar site so they can brush up on their bingo skills since they will be aiming to win the next show!

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