Tarleton makes changes to ‘balance its budget’

By Brittany Owens – 

Students could lose campus jobs and several graduate programs are being eliminated as part of Tarleton’s effort to balance its budget.

In a meeting with students before spring break, Tarleton President Dominic Dottavio said he “can’t say yes and can’t say no” about whether students would lose jobs, but said he would try to protect as many jobs as possible.

Dottavio also said that Tarleton will be closing four of its graduate programs. This decision was made after an extensive review over several months.

Linda Jones, Dean of Graduate Studies said in an interview that the choices were not so much about cutting costs for the university, but better using the faculty in more viable programs. She also said Tarleton will be “strengthening degrees that are still options.”

Dottavio said anticipated increases in enrollment may ease the budget crunch.

“Growth helps us.” he said. “Accepted applications are well ahead of what they were last year.

Dottavio said there are no current plans to build a parking garage for the campus, but added, “We will have to do that as we grow.”

The cost of a surface parking space is about$3,000, but that same space in a parking garage would cost $15,000, he said. The university is finishing up construction on two new surface lots that will add 80 spaces near the new residence hall.

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