Tarleton offers refunds for transportation fee

By Katelyn Rivera—

Associate Producer

Tarleton State University is now offering a refund to students who don’t use the parking services on campus. If you did not know this was an option, then you are not alone. Many students have voiced that they did not know this option was available to them.

All students have a parking and transportation fee included in their student bill. This fee includes the parking permit required to park in any on campus parking lots as well as using the campus daytime shuttle service and the night escort service. Students enrolled typically are unable to have that fee refunded, but are now being given the option.

Students who have graduated in December may get a partial refund if they are not currently using the services provided.

“That’s something that should be known more to the public, I’d like that money back especially if I’m not using a parking pass or any of the other services since I don’t have a car and live on campus,” said junior Vanessa Chukwu. “I think that’s something that should be put out in a newsletter or an email to all students. Some stuff that’s sent out in those newsletters are important and other stuff I don’t need to know, but that’s something I would’ve liked to know.”

The transportation refund option would benefit many students on campus as well as those who live within walking distance.

“I don’t live on campus but I do live close enough to campus that I’m able to walk to school every day and leave my truck at home. I don’t use any shuttle services at all. This is something I definitely would take advantage of since I haven’t had to use a parking permit in almost a year,” senior Sue Suttles said.

Students are eligible to initiate a refund request if they are not using any of the parking and transportation services. Requests must be completed by Feb. 1 in the University Police and Transportation office.

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