Tarleton student population on the rise

By: Michaela Dennis 

Staff Writer

Student enrollment has increased since Tarleton State University has become a division 1(D1) institution. 

The estimated number of students enrolled in 2019 was 13,176. In 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, Tarleton’s enrollment increased by 6.42% with an estimate of 14,022 students enrolled. In fall 2021, 13,995 students enrolled at Tarleton.

Senior Octavio Martinez enrolled at Tarleton because it is close to home, offers small class sizes and has better learning opportunities. 

Martinez believes the school being Division 1 will help increase attendance, but he does not believe the school can currently support the attraction compared to other D1 universities. 

“We are not on a division 1 level because we need more attractions and everything needs to be upgraded,” Martinez said. “Like the parking lots, rec center and d-hall. It just can’t support all those students needed for D1.” 

Junior Kaleb Guillory came to Tarleton because of his family connection. Driven by admiration, Guillory attends Tarleton because his father played football at the institution. 

.O.B poses for a photo with students during Purple Out Concert.
Photo courtesy: B.O.B. Instagram

He mentions that what could help bring in more attraction, apart from the school’s status, is being more inclusive.

Guilliory believes Tarleton has improved their efforts on supporting and welcoming their students who are underrepresented. 

“I think we did good for black awareness during Black History Month,” Guillory said. “I think just bringing awareness that we are here because when you do that it makes more people want to attend since we are welcoming. These past years there has been a shift, I have never seen them advocate like this before.”

Lara Bermea is an assistant director of student organizations and risk management for Student Involvement and Family Relations. 

She has witnessed the school’s population growth through the events she helps coordinate for the school. Homecoming 2021 spotlighted B.o.B, a mainstream performer, to perform at the Purple Out Concert.

“I feel that that event really showed how much Tarleton has grown,” Bermea said. “It was packed, the students really enjoyed having him there. As long as students keep giving feedback, we will continue to host events that they want to see.” 

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