Tarleton Radio Station hosts podcast competition

By: Nicholas Ratcliff 

Multimedia Journalist

The Tarleton State University radio station, KXTR 100.7 The Planet, is currently hosting a competition for Tarleton students interested in producing podcasts. They asked students to submit a podcast to the station for review. The competition began earlier this semester and submissions will remain open until March 21.  

A flyer explaining more about the podcasts competition.
Photo Courtesy of KXTR.

The winner of the competition will receive multiple benefits that will help any beginner or intermediate podcaster become more versed in the art. These benefits include the radio team helping produce the first six episodes and helping set up an Anchor account. The winner will also receive a spot on Tarleton’s Network, full assistance and training throughout the process as well as a free promotion on all of the radio station’s social media accounts.  

The requirements to enter are simple. In order to apply, you must be a student at Tarleton, have an original podcast idea and you must fill out the submission form and turn it in by the due date. Students who already have a podcast are welcome to apply as well, the form even offers a place to provide a sample if you have one.  

The form is straight to the point and only asks a few questions about the podcast which will make it extremely easy for anyone to apply. Any idea that is submitted that was plagiarized or that uses copyrighted material will be disqualified. The winner of the competition will be announced on March 26.  

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