Tarleton State University Recreational Sports hosts Group X classes to promote well-being

By Madison Campbell —

January, the month of New Year’s resolutions and goals, is also Healthy Weight Awareness month. To kick-start the semester and promote health, Tarleton State University Recreational Sports is hosting Group X classes.


The Rec Center offers Group X classes Mon. through Fri.
Photo courtesy of Tarleton State University’s Recreational Sports Center

Throughout the weekdays, members of the Recreational Sports Center on campus can join these workouts without cost. The 19 classes range from yoga uniting mind, body, and spirit to turbo kick, an upbeat mix of kickboxing and hip-hop.

Shanna Moody, Tarleton State University’s Recreation Sports Fitness/Wellness Coordinator, explains the best way to start achieving that goal is by “building accountability into your life.” Moody encourages the use of a friend, family member, or coworker in order to keep you accountable to your healthy weight goals. In addition, find a partner that will commit to working out and exercising with you.

Moody also suggests making time in your calendar to work out. “Put it on your schedule just like you would a class or SI session,” she said. This makes less room for excuses. If a workout is already on a student’s planner for a specific time, no conflicts of any other commitment will arise, making excuses unlikely to occur.

At times, stepping into a gym can be overwhelming, but for those looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle, Moody says Group X classes are a great place to start. From Trampoline Tone Up, where every member works out on their own personal trampoline, to the new Buns and Guns class, Moody says it is easy to forget you are working out thanks to the fun atmosphere and exercises.

Group X classes not only range in variety, but also in length. Moody says the shorter midday classes are a great introduction to working out while helping newcomers avoid burnout and encourage them on their journey to becoming healthier.

In addition to the classes, personal trainers are available periodically throughout the noon to 8 p.m. floor hours. In black shirts, the trainers are there to assist during workouts, provide a spot, answer questions and calculate participants’ BMI.

Knowing your BMI and getting involved in workouts like those offered by the campus Recreational Sports Center is a great way to keep those resolutions and mold a healthy lifestyle.

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