Tarleton students voice their opinion about when Christmas celebrations should begin

By: Sierra Wells

Multimedia Journalist

Stoneleigh P’s in Dallas, Texas, has attracted attention after Twitter user Kyle Smith posted an image of a flyer in the bar. The sign proclaimed the song “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey could not be played in the establishment before Dec. 1 and would only be able to play once a day after that date.

This Twitter exchange brings attention to a long-debated question: when is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?

According to The Washington Post, Stoneleigh P General Manager Laura Garrison said, “It’s been put up three years now, maybe four, every holiday season we hear the song so much when you get alcohol involved.”

After causing much controversy on Twitter, Carey posted a photo of her wearing armor while amid a battle. Her tweet was in response to a user asking if the bar was promoting a war on Christmas.

In an online poll of 100 Tarleton State University students, 33%  said they disagreed with the bar’s decision, while 67% agreed.

Freshman Hope Ruiz does not agree with the bar’s decision to limit the amount Carey’s song is played.

Ruiz said, “I think it’s just Christmas music. I mean, it’s not really harming anybody. I mean like it might get on their nerves, but who doesn’t love Mariah Carey? I just think that they should just keep it on. People want that; that’s just what they want. The bar will have to just deal with it.”

For many people, the Christmas season begins as soon as Halloween comes to an end. Due to this anticipation for the holiday, Thanksgiving is often overlooked.

When asked if people should wait until Thanksgiving is over to begin celebrating Christmas, 60% of Tarleton students said yes, and 40% said no.

Senior Hope Draper does not have a problem with putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving.

Draper said, “When I’m in Stephenville, I actually put my tree up Nov. 1 since we’re not here for the entire time of December. I like to get to be able to have my tree up for the entire part of November. But I do celebrate Thanksgiving, and I go back straight to Christmas, so I’m a Nov. 1 kind of girl.”

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