Tarleton takes care of their own

By: Cody Drolet

Multimedia Journalist

On April 6, Tarleton State University announced they will be offering a student emergency fund in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The emergency fund is designed to assist both undergraduate and graduate students with financial hardships due to a sudden change in financial status, loss of employment or any other hardships that keep students from maintaining their enrollment.

President James Hurley and Student Affairs worked hand in hand to make this possible.

“This has caused quite a bit of disruption with our local economy, so many students have lost their part-time, temp, and seasonal jobs which has created financial hardships,” Hurley said.  

With that being said, this goes through the Tarleton Student Affairs fund and is designed to meet any short-term financial hardships. This is just another way Tarleton is going above and beyond to take care of their students.

Foundation President Rocky Hardin, one of the many donors to the student emergency fund said, “We hope that in some small way we can help those students who may have lost their jobs and found themselves in a situation they never expected.”

The foundation’s generous donation started a movement of donors to contribute to this cause.

Photo from Tarleton State University home page

“Because of the foundation’s gift there was an anonymous donor pledge $50,000 to not only match the foundation’s gift and will be solely used for the Student Emergency Fund,” Hurley said.

The criteria for this fund are listed below:

•           Replacement of necessary items following fire, theft or natural disaster.

•           Travel costs related to the death or illness of an immediate family member.

•           Unanticipated and/or extraordinary child expenses, including, but not limited to child-care, formula, and diapers.

•           Medical Bill or Medications.

•           Sudden emergency moves or changes in living conditions or to prevent homelessness.

•           Safety needs (i.e. lock changes).

•           Car repairs and operation in excess of typical wear and tear usage issues.

•           Food expenses.

“This is literally helping thousands,” Hurley said.

This unexpected situation has created some rough times for fellow students. If you fall under any of these criteria or are struggling in this time of need then apply at https://www.tarleton.edu/studentaffairs/emergency-relief/.

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