Tarleton then and now

Photo Essay by Clifford Jones—

Staff Writer

Tarleton State University, or John Tarleton College as it was originally called, began in 1899 with only one building. Now the campus has outgrown its space multiple times. Its enrollment has gone from less than 200 to more than 11,000. The people in old Tarleton photographs could not have known the growth that their college could see in its 116 years of existence. In the photographs are faces forgotten by time, but their contributions have helped make Tarleton what it is today. Tarleton has seen progress and will see more progress in the next few years thanks to recent funding from the Texas A&M system. Progress is a good thing, but to truly appreciate what you have, you must first look at where you came from. Take a moment and think about those who built this university so that one-day people from around the world could come and learn at it.


Special thanks to Gary Spurr, Collection Archivist, for the photographs of Tarleton’s history and to Justin Pack for edits of current Tarleton photos.


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