Tarleton’s fashion studies program hosts a fashion show

By Rachel LaCroix—

Associate Producer

Tarleton’s fashion studies program held its first ever annual fashion show in the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center. Seniors Harlei Fain and Kallie Redding organized this event, so they could present their designs as well as the designs of their fellow fashion studies students.

“I am one of two seniors that planned the fashion show. We started planning about a month ago and it’s been long and hard, but it’s so worth it,” Fain said. “We get to showcase not only our final pieces as students here, but also younger students in the [earlier] apparel and development class.”

Along with their dresses, jackets and pants, they also displayed washcloth kits they made for the homeless and teddy bears they made for children. The way the washcloths are sewn allows them to be dual-purpose washcloths. They can hold shampoo, conditioner and body wash, but they are also made out of a washcloth so it can be used to wash yourself.

The teddy bears are made every fall semester and are the first thing the students are taught how to sew. They customize the bear and sew it an outfit, giving it its own personality. They are then sent off to Child Protective Services to be given out to the children.

“These bears are shipped off to CPS, so that a child will have this bear even if they’re on their worst day,” Fain said. “They have this one bear that they can cling onto. That’s my favorite project that we do just because of that fact, knowing that we are helping a kid on maybe their worst day.”

This year’s show was dedicated to Dr. Karol Blaylock, who, after 14 years at Tarleton, will be retiring at the end of this semester.

“I can’t think of any other way I would have spent those years,” Blaylock said. “They have been challenging, they have been fun, they have been emotional, they have been roller coaster-y, and it has been just a wonderful experience. Tarleton is a good place to be.”

She will be passing her legacy on to BreAnne Richardson, the fashion studies program adjunct instructor. Richardson has helped the students in their designs as well as helping Fain and Redding put together the fashion show. Richardson, Fain and Redding all became emotional as they said tearful goodbyes during the senior spotlight.

“We are very honored that this is our last thing to do as seniors here at Tarleton, and our last thing to do as fashion studies students,” Fain said.

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