Tarleton’s Society of Professional Journalists chapter hosts free speech week

By Quanecia Fraser—


Tarleton State University’s Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) chapter will host events for free speech week.

This week is free speech week, and the events will take place on Tuesday and Thursday in room 396 of the O.A. Grant Building.

Tomorrow, a panel of communication studies alumni will discuss job expectations after graduation, advice for those pursuing a career in journalism or communications and the importance of free speech.

Graphic by Latricia Powell

That panel will include

  • Former Texan News editor-in-chief Ashley Ford, who is currently working for Fox 15 in Abilene and will soon move to a new position at the Waxahachie Daily Light.
  • Former Texan News sports editor Travis Smith, who is currently the managing editor at the Waxahachie Daily Light.
  • Former Texan News staff writer, Bethann Coldiron who is currently the assistant managing editor at the Burleson Star Newspaper.
  • Nate Bural, the current Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications at Tarleton.
  • Former Texan News staff writer Autumn Owens, a staff writer for the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

On Thursday, Erin Cooper will speak about how she changed the way Tarleton reported on crime. Erin worked on a story with other students about crimes being under-reported on campus, which resulted in the university receiving a fine that exceeded $100,000 and was later reduced to $27,500 in an appeal.

Both events will take place at 12:00 p.m. in the O.A. Grant Building’s newsroom (room 396).

For more information, contact the SPJ President at tsuspj@gmail.com

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