Texans stay active during the summer

By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

Although many students are out of class and off campus, the Tarleton State University Texans have found a way to stay busy over the summer.

Incoming students have the option to attend Duck Camp before the fall 2022 semester begins. 

Tarleton Transition Mentor (TTM) Maggie Sandoval served at the first Duck Camp on June 2-4 and will work at two more Duck Camps in August.

“I decided to become a TTM because of the experience I received. I’m a first gen and was so terrified of what was to come. The second I walked into the camp my leaders made a once in a life time experience. They continued to support me through the year to this point. They showed me what having a servant’s towel looked like and I wanted to serve others as they did to me,” Sandoval said. “My role this summer was to be a support system for incoming students during the camp. We did bonding activities as well as learn the traditions of Tarleton.

Using the summer for educational opportunities, Tarleton’s Honors College held their study abroad trip to Urbino, Italy, throughout June. Honors student Renee Gebert chose to attend the trip.

“We got to study Renaissance literature and philosophy, asking with Italian language and art history. We also got to travel around to places like Gubbio and Gadara and on our free weekends me and some friends went and explored Venice and Rome which was amazing,” Gebert said. “I decided to attend because it was a once in a lifetime offer, I couldn’t pass it up. I want to travel and explore more of the world, and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Some students are continuing to work on campus by taking summer classes, and others are fulfilling their responsibilities as student workers.

English Department student worker Hannah Hale, who also attended the Honors study abroad trip, has been working at Tarleton over the summer.

“Since getting back from Italy on a study abroad trip, I have been assisting Dr. Morrow and the English and Language Arts Department in preparing for the upcoming fall semester. I have been making sure the ENLA professors have everything they need to do their jobs by updating their access to supplies,” Hale said. “Additionally, I answer and redirect phone calls to ensure students are getting the answers they need while professors are contacted appropriately. Working over the summer has gotten me so excited for the semester on the horizon.”

Whether students are on or off campus for the summer, they continue being Tarleton Texans and representing the campus.

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