Texas gains two more Congressional seats

By: Nicholas Ratcliff 

Multimedia Journalist  

New statistics were released Monday, April  26 showing that Texas’s population has increased by nearly 4 million people, which will raise the number of congressional seats the state will have by two.  

The population increase also raises the number of electoral votes that the state will have in the next presidential election, which will extend the already massive influence that the state of Texas has on national politics.  

These statistics come straight from the U.S. Census Bureau and confirm that the state has seen an increase of about 4 million people since 2010. This puts Texas well ahead of the other state’s when it comes to the total number of new population gain. 

This brings the total number of residents in the state to over 29 million people, making Texas second in population size behind California, who is still in the lead with nearly 40 million people.  

Texas will now have 38 congressional representatives as well as 40 electoral votes, making it the state with the most congressional growth from this last census. 

The new census report does not include demographics; however, Texas State Demographer Lloyd Potter said, “Estimates show that rural counties continue to lose population while metro areas such as Houston, Dallas and Austin continue to grow. Hispanics make up the largest percentage of growth.”  

The massive growth that Texas has seen has started to shake up the states politics as the state’s population shifts towards urban living as opposed to the rural living that has been seen in the past.  

Texas GOP chairman Allen West said that his party will, “Await the affirmed census results and will continue to deliver our message of economic growth, prosperity, individual liberty and rights, quality education, small business entrepreneurship and safety/security.” 

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