The hypocrisy of calling Michael Cohen a liar

By: Makenzie Plusnick—

Opinion Editor

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President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, recently testified in front of Congress about the president. This testimony set fireworks off on Capitol Hill. Not only did Cohen paint President Trump as a conman, he painted himself as a conman and many believe his previous unethical actions prove him to be an unreliable witness. Anyone who says this while continuing their defense and support of the president is proving themselves to be a hypocrite.

Trump has lied time and time again. According to The Washington Post’s ‘False or Misleading Claims’ tracker, 8,718 false claims have been made in the 759 days Trump has been in office at the time that this was being written. Some journalists, like Daniel Dale, correspondent for the Washington Post, have taken it upon themselves to track every single lie that the President has told and the average number of lies he tells daily continues to increase. Trump claimed construction began on the wall in a tweet which showcased a piece of the existing border wall that in 2017 a congressional appropriation allocated money for, the New York Times reported last month. He has lied about his communication with people and groups. He has been accused of sexual misconduct with women which does not seem implausible since Trump bragged about grabbing women by their private areas on a hot mic before he ever planned on running for president.

It makes sense that Cohen is considered to be unethical because he acted unethically at the behest of an unethical man. Holding Cohen to a higher standard than the man he was employed by, the president of our country, is ridiculous. Why are we not holding Trump to the same standards as we are Cohen? Why do some continue to consider Trump to be credible and believable while calling Cohen a liar?

Trump is the leader of the free world, but we allow him to continue to exaggerate statistics and make claims that he cannot back up. He is our mouthpiece to the rest of the world, and this is how we are allowing him to represent the U.S. It is time that we begin looking for the truth, no matter the party we belong to, and insist that our leader tell us the truth, act morally, and do better.

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