The on-campus bookstore is officially Tarleton owned and operated

By: Sierra Dyson


Tarleton State University officially became a Division I (DI) college in July of 2020. Since then, Tarleton has begun renovating the entire campus in order to maintain DI standards and academic excellence.

One of the major changes includes the on-campus bookstore that used to partner with e-Follet, a company that works with over 80,000 schools across Canada and the United States. Recently, however, Tarleton terminated their partnership with e-Follet. They now own and operate their own bookstore, the Texans Campus Store, in place of the old one. The grand opening will be held at the beginning of the Fall 2021 semester.

The Texan Campus Store received new merchandise when Tarleton took over.
Photo By: Sierra Dyson

According to Michael Benge, the director of auxiliary services, “The store will have a slightly different look, but the feel is the same. You still do things the same way, you can go directly to the bookstore website or you can go through Duck Trax [to access everything online].”

Bookstore staff L-R: Kolton Shoop, Alyson Ferrell and Cliff Hoy.
Photo By: Sierra Dyson

With this new institutional ownership comes a variety of changes including a completely renovated store, a larger array of unique merchandise and a user-friendly system similar to the old website. Additionally, the bookstore will remain in the same place inside the Barry B. Thomson student center.

According to Benge and the manager of the Texans Campus Store Cliff Hoy, the upper level of the bookstore will be dedicated to merchandise.

“We have a wide selection of Nike products, a lot of really good-looking stuff. We also have some Champion stuff on the lower-priced end,” Hoy said. “Overall, there is just a large selection of stuff to choose from.”

Benge added, “We also have some bison drinkware and insulated coolers as well as everything else you would expect to find in a bookstore.”

As for the store, Hoy went on to say, “There are a lot of lights and wrapped walls. It is very inviting with colorful displays featuring the Tarleton purple. It looks very fresh and new.”

Textbooks and school supplies will be available on the lower level of the bookstore. Students will be able to hand employees their schedule and they will locate the appropriate textbooks for those classes on the student’s list and give them to the student instead of having students search for their own books in order to make the process more time-efficient.

The bookstore is currently working on the online student ID booklist search that allows students to use their university ID to locate the books they need for their classes at the push of a button.

Hoy said, “We are hoping to have that in place either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I know IT was testing that stuff yesterday afternoon. Our hope is to have it in place very soon.”

Overall, the Texans Campus Store hopes to provide excellent service to both students, faculty and alumni.

“A lot of our employees have Tarleton ties, and we are just looking to take care of the Tarleton community,” Benge ended.

To learn more about the bookstore, check out the merchandise or to order textbooks please visit the Texans Campus Store website at If you have any questions, please call the bookstore at (254) 968-9007 or email them at

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