TSU celebrates 10-year READ poster anniversary, National Library Week

By Rachel LaCroix—

Associate Producer

Dr. Dottavio stands with library staff and the International Student Organization. Photo by Rachel LaCroix

Tarleton State University kicked off National Library Week by celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Tarleton’s READ posters. There are two READ posters each year, and the first ever to be recognized on those posters were the Purple Poo and Tarleton’s President, Dr. F. Dominic Dottavio.

“It is a great celebration both of National Library Week, but importantly it is a great celebration of the groups that make Tarleton special,” Dottavio said.

READ itself was big in the 80s and 90s when celebrities used to be on the posters, and now it is continued in order to keep promoting literacy and a love for reading. Tarleton’s campus relations and marketing team committee debates every August over who will be on this edition of the READ posters, and this year they decided on the International Student Organization.

“We always try to focus on groups that somehow embody our core values,” Kim Schow, campus relations and marketing team chair, said. “The international program is something I think is really important, because the international students help educate students here in a different way than you can in courses. You need to meet people to really grow as a human being and learn about diversity.”

The International Student Organization is made up of students that have brought different cultures into the Tarleton family to be appreciated, such as Blanca Izquierdo from Spain or Ruka Kubota from Japan. Learning about and respecting other cultures is important in life, as well as any education.

“I’m thrilled that they have recognized the International Student Organization because civility is one of our core values, and it is truly about understanding how to respect other cultures, how to respectfully have dialogue across cultures and how to respectfully have conversations within the Tarleton family,” Dottavio said.

The Dick Smith Library has each of the now 20 READ posters on display for the student body to enjoy. The library hosts a reveal party each year to showcase the new group on the poster. The READ poster reveal is one the library’s biggest events, and Tarleton State University Librarian Donna Savage’s favorite.

“It’s my favorite event for two reasons: number one is we can recognize literacy and reading and the library and the good things we’re doing here, but even more than that is it’s a chance to recognize these amazing groups on campus,” Savage said.

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