Twenty-one-year-old entrepreneur opens her own business

By: Nicholas Ratcliff 

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Local De Leonian, Haley Painter, recently opened her own hair salon, Envy Co., in Stephenville, Texas. The twenty-one-year-old entrepreneur is excited to hit the ground running and help people find the perfect hairstyle and color to compliment them.

Haley Painter
Photo Courtesy of the Envy Co. facebook page

“My goal for Envy Co. is to leave a positive impact on everyone who comes through my doors. Whether it be a smile on their face or an impression in their hearts,” Painter said. “The culture of Envy Co. is to be a salon that you can trust with all of your dream goals and all of your worries. The salon is built on a foundation of trust in the Lord, kindness and passion to care for others.”

Before discovering her passion for hair, Painter wanted to study criminal justice at Howard-Payne but quickly realized that it was something she felt like she had to do instead of something she truly loved. Once she came to that realization, she began exploring different career fields before eventually talking to a counselor that recommended Ranger Junior College’s cosmetology program. After just a year there, Painter graduated with her cosmetology license and began her career as a hairstylist at Studio Chroma in Stephenville. While there, she worked hard and learned a lot about the industry before deciding to open her very own salon.

“I got to the point to where I just needed somewhere else…  I wanted to grow more and experience more as an owner,” Painter said. “I work a ton, about six days a week. Why not be at my own place and work that much?”

The Envy Co. Salon will offer luxury service at an affordable price. 

Painter explained, “We try to stay very similar to the prices in Stephenville among other hairstylists, if not a little bit more affordable for people, but we want to give you the luxury feeling for a good price.”

Moreover, according to Painter, the price of the average hair salon was a big reason why she wanted to open her own store.

 “It’s a confidence booster if you can afford to get your hair done. So, I try to make it so nobody has to be like ‘oh am I going to buy dinner tonight or am I going to get my hair done?’ You can get your dinner and your hair done all at the same time and go get your nails done,” Painter said.

Additionally, Envy Co. will be offering a variety of services to make sure they can take care of anything their clients may want.

“[We are] a blonding and extension specialist salon, so we will offer everything from highlights to balayage to all over blonding services, but that doesn’t cut us short,” Painter said. “We do offer regular all-over colors and just haircuts and treatments. The list of stuff that we offer is so wide… we hope to offer everything and make sure everyone feels included.”

The hair washing stations at Envy. Co.
Photo by Sierra Dyson

The services the salon offers for people wanting to go blonde include a full balayage service beginning at $125, a partial balayage service beginning at $95, a full highlight service beginning at $120, a partial highlight service beginning at $95, toner for $45, color correction starting at $150, root taps for $25, a money piece for $45 and finally 15 foils for $50.  Hair cuts are $20 for a dry cut and $35 to have your hair washed, cut and styled. Additionally, the salon offers a deep conditioning service for $30 and a lanaz healing service for $45. As for coloring services, all over color is $75 as well as root smudges.

Envy Co. will also act as an extensions bar that will fully engage the client in the process

Painter explained this stating, “I let my clientele be a part of that ordering. They get to see where the hair comes from, and they get to see who they’re paying. I don’t take a grand total from you and then go and buy everything and then your kind of like ‘What did I pay for? Where did my money go? What went to what?’”

Extension services include a new install service of $125, move ups service is $100 and a gloss service is $100. Consultations are free and then the salon can charge a $25 matting fee. They also style hair for $25 and can do event hair for weddings, prom and more for an additional fee.

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above, Painter’s new shop is located at 1917 W Washington St, Suite 8, right across from Tarleton State University’s baseball fields. The official grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place Sunday, Aug. 22 at 2 p.m.

For more information about the studio check out the Envy Co. Facebook page at or follow Haileys own personal Facebook account, Hairby_HaleythePainter.

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