Votes are coming in to determine who is President

By: Sierra Dyson


The winner of the 2020 presidential election has yet to be finalized as voters all over the United States await election results to see which candidate will win, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Voting wrapped up Nov. 3, which was the official Election Day for face-to-face voting across the country.

The white house sits ready for the new 2020 president.
Photo by Sierra Dyson.

Officials for each state are currently counting face-to-face and mail-in ballots to determine the winner of each state and assign the appropriate amount of electoral college votes to Trump or Biden. In order to win the presidency, one of the candidates must acquire at least 270 out of the 583 electoral college votes.

According to the Associated Press, Biden currently has been awarded 264 votes from the electoral college due to securing victories in the blue wall battlegrounds in Wisconsin and Michigan whereas Trump has 214 electoral votes total. Officials are waiting to award the electoral votes for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska all of whom are currently leaning in Trump’s favor, but still have outlying votes to count. Nevada, where Biden is currently winning with 49.3% of the votes and Trump with 48.7% after 75% of votes have been reported, is also waiting to determine who to give its electoral votes to.  

In a statement released by the Associated Press, Biden stated, “I will govern as an American president. There will be no red states and blue states when we win. Just the United States of America,” but stopped short of declaring an overall win.

Trump, on the other hand, has turned to social media to report his suspicions concerning voting fraud that might have taken place.

Trump tweeted, “STOP THE COUNT!”

His legal team is calling for Wisconsin to recount their votes. Additionally, his legal team has also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

Two days after the election, officials are still counting votes and the American people are awaiting to hear who won the 2020 presidential election. Both sides are claiming different things concerning the legitimacy of ballots, when voting should end and that they, themselves, are close to winning.

Texan News will continue to monitor the situation and report election results as more information comes to light. 

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