Want to know about crime on campus?

This story was written by Rebekah Gilligan and Chance Bragg. The map was based on reporting by Alejandra Arreguin, Dallas Burch, Tyler Christensen, Sara Gann, Ariel Hall, Sean Hargrove, Dominique Martin, Veronica Morales, Aimee Nash and Cresenda Steele. 

A new interactive map that plots calls to Tarleton police since Jan. 1, 2014, is also available here. The map shows where the case happened, when the call occurred, and the nature of the crime or incident being reported.

Altogether, more than 823 crimes or incidents were reported to police. The most frequent of the cases were theft, with 120 calls to the police department. The highest number of reported cases were in highly visited locations on campus, such as Thompson Student Center and the library. This includes the Recreation Sports Center that had 21 cases reported.

Burglary was also one of the most frequent reports, with 76 total calls. This includes burglary of habitations and vehicles.

There were a wide range of assault cases reported, seven of which were classified as sexual assault. Three of the sexual assault cases were reported off-campus. Legends all had two cases reported, with Traditions Hall and Hunewell Hall having one sexual assault case each.

Cases such as minor in possession, public intoxication, and possession of marijuana contributed to 177 calls related to drugs and alcohol.



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