Why do students transfer to Tarleton?

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Tarleton State University is known for endless educational opportunities, student involvement, traditions and for being the best kept secret in Texas. 

I personally came to Tarleton for the educational opportunities. Tarleton’s student to faculty ratio is 22-to-1. I wanted to be more than just a number in my classes and know I was getting help when I need it. 

It is not uncommon when students graduate high school for them to go to a local community college. 

Before enrolling at Tarleton, sophomore Abby Miller attended Grayson College.

“I don’t regret going to a junior college because it was cheaper, and it was during the middle of the pandemic,” Miller said. 

In-state tuition for Tarleton students is roughly $10,334. That price is excluding housing, books, transportation, parking passes and any other fees. 

For Grayson College, it is around $3,872, which also excludes all the fees that might come with being in college. 

Being a transfer student can come with various hardships.

Brooke Wheeler, who transferred from Hardin-Simmons University said, “I transferred during Covid, so it was difficult to get acclimated to the school and to a new environment.” 

When changing colleges, class credits will not always transfer over. This can cause a loss of money and time. It may also result in having to retake classes. 

“They were not very helpful when it came to sorting me through my credits from my previous school,” Wheeler said. 

Tarleton is known for its student involvement, including more than 120 student organizations. Student organizations can be beneficial for transfer students to get involved and meet others.

 When asked if Tarleton felt like home when she transferred, Miller quickly responded, “Yes. I love Tarleton and have always felt welcome.” 

She also said she joined a sorority which helped her connect with others and made her transition to Tarleton easier. 

Tarleton offers the President’s Guaranteed Scholarship Program. This is an opportunity offered to all transfers that have 30 transferable hours prior to registration. 

Tarleton’s website states, “Students that transfer to Tarleton State University with a 3.0 or higher and taking 6 credit hours will be guaranteed at an annual level between $250 and $1,500 as indicated in the table below.” 

Tarleton offers a yearly scholarship between $500 and $2,000 to students that transfer from one of the “Distinguished Partner’s” which includes some of the community and junior colleges in the north central region of Texas. The amounts vary depending on the student’s GPA and number of completed course hours.

With all the scholarships above, how are Tarleton and our admissions counselors relaying this information out to transfer students?

Miller and Wheeler were both unaware about the opportunities and scholarships that the university offers to transfer students. 

A non-transfer student can fill out the General Scholarship Application found on Tarleton’s website. This will help you find available scholarships. 

As an incoming freshman, I received an email to set up an appointment with my academic advisor. Once we met, she told me what classes I needed to take and helped me decide the path that was best for me. 

Tarleton offers Transfer Information Sessions for transfer students. Students can meet one-on-one with an admissions counselor. 

During these sessions, you can ask any sort of questions regarding classes and credits needed, university requirements might have, financial aid related questions or anything else. 

For more information, search Tarleton Admissions Counseling online and look on the Tarleton Admissions page under the “Contact Us” tab.

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