Why I’m Inspired by Ukraine 

By: Nicholas Ratcliff

Senior Producer 

The Ukrainians have defied the odds no matter how you look at it. 

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion on the neighboring nation of Ukraine. When this happened, the U.S. had military generals and intelligence agencies across the globe preparing for the “inevitable fall of Ukraine” due to the sheer size of Russia’s military. 

From a statistical perspective, intelligence agencies thought a Russian victory was coming. 

Russia’s military rank in 2022 was second in strength compared to the rest of the world according to a report made by Global Fire Power (GFP). 

In this detailed report, which I highly recommend to everybody, GFP breaks down Russia’s military power into statistical data that is easy to compare. This allows us to get an accurate number on the amount of firepower Russia possesses. 

GFP states that Russia’s active personnel for their military is made up of roughly 850,000 Russian soldiers. On top of this, Russia has 12,420 tanks, 30,122 armored vehicles, 6,574 Self-Propelled artillery and over 4,173 aircraft in its arsenal. 

Ukraine’s military rank by GFP this year is only 22. They have a total of 200,000 active personnel in their military, which means Russia outnumbers them four to one. To top it off, Ukraine only has 2,596 tanks, 12,303 armored vehicles, 1,067 self-propelled artillery and 318 aircraft. 

Based on these numbers alone, it is pretty clear why every military analysis predicted a swift victory for the Russian army. When it comes to sheer firepower, Ukraine is simply out matched. 

Yet here we are, a month later, and Russia has failed to capture any meaningful ground in this conflict.

In a war that should have lasted a week, they have made the Russians fight for every inch of land they have won. Ukrainians are defying the odds.

Instead of allowing Russian troops to march into their land the Ukrainians are holding their ground.

As an outsider looking in on this conflict, I can’t help but to analyze how they have managed this. While it may be easy to give all the credit to NATO and its unified response to the situation, the truth is much deeper. 

Since the start of this war, one thing has been certain. The Ukrainian’s are not about to let their country fall. Video after video has surfaced online showing the world the true strength of the Ukrainian people. 

While not every story can be verified as fact due to the current war, it is still plainly clear that Ukrainians aren’t scared to stand against Russia. 

Whether it be a Ukrainian grandma telling the soldiers to put seeds in their pocket so something can grow when they die or it be their president’s legendary line that stated, “I need ammunition, not a ride” after President Biden offered him an evacuation, it is clear to all they will stay and fight. 

In a time when democracy is under attack across the globe, the Ukrainians are choosing to fight for that very idea. Instead of bowing down to the invading force that outmatches them in every way, they have drawn a line in the sand and fought for their beliefs. 

This is only possible due to the Ukrainian’s national image. For decades the Ukrainian people had to do whatever the Russian government wanted. 

Freedom is a new concept for the Ukrainian’s. They know what it’s like to not have it because they only recently got it. That is why they are fighting tooth and nail. It has nothing to do with their hatred of Russia. 

The Ukrainian people would rather die than give up on the ideals that most of the western world hasn’t had to fight for in years. 

While people in the west often take these ideals for granted because they have always had them, the Ukrainians remember what it’s like to not have them. 

This is why the Ukrainian’s have inspired me and countless other Americans. They are reminding us how important our ideals truly are, while also reminding us of the sacrifices we had to make in order to protect them. 

Russia has already lost this war whether they want to admit it or not. They could capture Kyiv, kill Zelenskyy and put a puppet government in place and still they would fail. 

The Ukrainians showed the world in 2019 that they stand with the ideals of democracy and freedom. No matter how much damage is done, the people of Ukraine will not give up, because they remember what it’s like to not have the freedoms we have become so used to.

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